The Queen Of Farts
The Queen Of Farts
The Queen Of Farts
The Queen Of Farts

The Queen Of Farts

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Written by Sally Stone based in Queenstown



Format 276mmx236mm 24 page hardback

Oh no! That odour is OBSCENE!

And now, I think I've gone rather green.

But I really can't say anything ...

Because ... well ... it's the QUEEN!

What do you do when you know someone as important as the Queen has a flatulence problem? When everyone around you is keeping it a secret? This hilarious rhyming story with illustrations from popular illustrator Mike Byrne will have everyone in stitches.

It's true that wind is better out than in,

But when you're the Queen it's not the done thing.

A hilarious picture storybook that children will love.

British illustrator Mike Byrne (Simon & Schuster and MacMillan) captures the setting of a royal castle with so much expression and humour.

Treatments on the cover make an eye-catching book that can't be missed! 


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