The Friendship Book

The Friendship Book

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Friendships can be a truly wonderful thing—they can brighten our days and fill our lives with love and laughter. However, for many children, friendships can sometimes be a source of anxiety—when they fall out with others, find themselves shut out of social groups, or

struggle to make new friends.

The Friendship Book is filled activities and exercises to guide children through these

difficulties. Devised by professional child psychologist Dr. Katie O’Connell in collaboration with counsellor Lynn Huggins-Cooper, this book contains helpful strategies that can be

implemented into a child’s daily routine to help them gain social confidence.  While some activities include write-in sections, many occur off the page—whether it is coming up with new games for play-dates, creating invitations, or writing a friendship checklist. These fun projects help children handle social situations they find difficult or overwhelming, in a safe, no-pressure way.

This book is a wonderful resource for parents, caregivers, teachers, therapists, and youth leaders alike. A section in the back gives professional advice for adults who want to support young people develop their social skills and build lasting friendships. A list of further reading and resources is also included to offer additional help.


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