Technology is Awesome
Technology is Awesome

Technology is Awesome

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Format 248mmx180mm 128 page paperback
This book is packed with 101 eye-opening facts about all sorts of advanced
machines, from
computers to cars, and from spaceships to medical devices. It's the perfect book for kids aged 8 and upwards who want to know more about the world of the future.
Key Selling Points
This is the ideal book for kids who want to know more about the technology around us...and the devices that may be available in the future! It reinforces and builds upon classroom learning, presenting valuable information in a totally fresh way. Sensational science photos and a fun, vibrant design give the book great kid-appeal. This book is divided into six chapters: 1 On the Move
(transport), 2 Keeping in Touch (communications), 3 Better Bodies (medical
advances), 4 To the Max (incredible achievements), 5 Solving Problems (technological solutions to global issues), 6 The Future Is Now (technological

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