Human Kind Persistence
Human Kind Persistence

Human Kind Persistence

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Author Zanni Louise Illustrator Missy Turner
Format 273mmx210mm 32 page hardback
The Humankind series offers children and their families a framework to talk about values, the shared belief that underpin our lives. Each book introduces and explores the importance of values in everyday life and gives kids the language to talk about and understand them.
Persistence helps us try new things, get better at hard things, and cope when things get difficult. Persistence helps us see things through to the end. There are many ways to be persistent
Goes beyond EI (emotional intelligence) to explore VI (values intelligence) Encourages a “more than me” view of the world, celebrating community values as the binding agent of relationships. Is written with warmth, charm and simplicity, and through a cast of characters explores children’s everyday experiences and identifies the important role values play in good decision making. Contains notes for parents and carers to extend the discussion of values at home or in the classroom

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