No Price Too High (A)

No Price Too High (A)

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Format 480pg Paperback

Author Annie Wilkinson

Shattered by the end of a passionate love affair, Lizzie Wilde leaves her native north east to seek fame and fortune on the London stage. Determined to make her own way in the world, she vows to have nothing more to do with men. She'll not let her heart be broken again.

So when she meets the handsome Captain Ashton, Lizzie resists his persistent advances. There can be no future in any romance. An officer and a gentleman would never marry a lowly actress.

Besides, there are other matter to worry about. With German bombs raining down on London and the menfolk fighting in France, Lizzie must face the fact that the country is in the midst of a terrifying war and every meeting with Captain Ashton might be her last.

But as she dares to hope they might have a future, their loves is put to the sternest of tests.

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