How Big  Animals
How Big  Animals

How Big Animals

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Format: 280mm x 225mm 96pg Full colour Hardback
Is your hand as big as a tiger's paw? How long is an anteater's tongue? And how high would you have to climb to feed a giraffe? Learn all about animals from the tiny to the terrifically tall in this fun, educational book. In How Big? Animals, children can interact with life-sized artworks of animals (or their paws, ears, and beaks) to get a sense of how big (or small!) they really are. They can also explore clever scale comparisons showingcreatures alongside more familiar objects, to explore how they relate to familiar parts of their everyday lives. They'll love looking through the bright, characterful illustrations by Patrick Corrigan. What a great, high-interest way to learn about weights and measures! Ideal for readers aged 6-10.

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