Escape Room Adventure Hunt For Agent 9
Escape Room Adventure Hunt For Agent 9

Escape Room Adventure Hunt For Agent 9

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Format 280mmx225mm 64 page Hardback
In this story, you'll be taking on the role of a globe-trotting super-spy-so grab your high-tech gadgets, dust off your trench coat and trilby, and get ready for a thrilling adventure!
The diabolical Agent 9 is holding the world to ransom, by training the laser weaponry of a network of secret spy satellites on the world's most famous monuments. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to capture the villain and retrieve the satellite's access codes... before it's too late!
This book's branching narrative puts YOU in the driving seat. Once you have found the solution to a puzzle, turn to the next entry as clearly indicated in the text. Use your observation, lateral thinking, and logic skills to uncover clues and solve mysteries. The beautifully, detailed illustrations are packed with information, so keep your eyes
Are you a rookie agent, a seasoned spy, or a true master ofespionage? Choose your difficulty level, then race against the clock to solve the mystery!
Fantastic fun for puzzle fans aged from 8+.

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