Don’t Mess With Science
Don’t Mess With Science

Don’t Mess With Science

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Format 260mmx230mm 96 page full colour paperback

Think you've got science all figured out? Think again! This hands-on, inspirational book celebrates the wild side of science-the side that breaks rules, embraces mistakes and creativity, and positively revels in mess. So leave your hang-ups at the door-it's time to get stuck In.  Readers will be ditching hackneyed preconceptions and sketching, writing, and drawing directly into the book. And if they make a mistake? That's just part of the fun! If you know a young person who thinks science is just not for them, this book will open their eyes to a completely different way of looking at chemistry, biology, and physics. They'll discover a whole new world of fun and possibilities!

  • Discover how music and science intersect by building your own rock band
  • Get arty with colour theory-and check out some awesome optical illusions
  • Solve problems creatively with simple machines
  • Rediscover subjects such as astronomy, anatomy, and the periodic table in a completely new light.

With a glossary of key scientific terms included, this is a brilliant, brain-boosting book for readers aged 8+.


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