Do Not Open This Book Again
Do Not Open This Book Again

Do Not Open This Book Again

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He’s back! And, once again, this cheeky blue character does not want you to open this book or turn its pages. What reason does he have this time? This fun story will delight children and adults alike. Keep turning the pages and find out what
happens when you reach the end all over again, if you dare! The second book from popular Australian TV and radio personality, Andy Lee. With over 2.5 million Facebook followers and over 500,000 twitter followers. Brilliant and hilarious illustrations by Heath McKenzie bring children’s new favourite character to life once more. Children will be enthralled as the character speaks directly to them, and urges them not to turn the pages. Can kids notice something that changes as they turn each page, despite the constant protests? The perfect picture storybook to give as a gift, particularly at Christmas

Format 275mmx235mm 3

32 page hardback

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