A-Z Dinosaurs
A-Z Dinosaurs

A-Z Dinosaurs

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Format 254mmx197mm 32 page hardback

The names of dinosaurs are some of the first impressively long words that children learn. From Apatosaurus to Tyrannosaurus rex to Zephyrosaurus, The A-Z of

Dinosaurs presents 26 fun dinosaurs to learn the names of.  Each dinosaur is illustrated with an outstanding colour artwork, along with two facts about the dinosaur’s size,

ocation or diet or habitat, a guide to the pronunciation of each dinosaur’s name and what its name means. Whether huge or tiny, famous or lesser-known, ferocious or gentle, each featured dinosaur is explored over one page. The A-Z of Dinosaurs is informative fun about the most fantastic beasts ever to roam the Earth. If you were ever uncertain how to pronounce a dinosaur’s name, you’ll be able to roar them after reading this.


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